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My current obsession called Nam Taehyun. He is the magnae of Winner! Idk why aku terjerat di dunia namtae dan aku ngeship namtae sama mino bgt!!!! Namsong  is love hahaha😍 Im going to post some of namtae’s photos and that photos are absolutely my fave!! +++ little bit of namsong HAHAHA

And *drum rolls*


Aaaaa i love namtae and i love namsong HAHAHA




it’s just bothered me so much when i read an english fic or a fic with random english sentence(s) pop up in between but the grammar is such a mess. No i’m not that pro in english but i know if that story has a good english structure or not. All i did when i read a fic with horrible english structure was corrected their mistake inside my head. 😔

Or if someone write an indonesian fic but also the grammar is horibble i mean it’s your own mother language can you just write it according to the standard? Dont write something with our everyday language.

If you want to write something in english pls pls pls do not ever use google translate or just get yourself a beta to correct your mistake. And i can help you if you want.

Sorry if this post bothered u guys i just want to write what i really feel 🙃🙃🙃




ku suka bgtbgtbgtbgt sama daehannie 😭😭😭😭😭 biar kata semua orang dia hm rada introvert but WHEN HE SMILES…. i died a little /noona’s heart cant take it daehan-ah/ and the way he take care of his appa and brothers are just ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ /PROUD NOONA IS PROUD/

ugh i just love this little cutie sooooo freakin much.

here’s some of his photo


“Don’t let anyone trample on your daisies – not even you.”

                       – Jane Lee Logan.



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Gardens By The Bay, Singapore – January 9th, 2016

Siwon x ….

Literally gw ngeship siwon sama hampir semua artis wkwkwk entah menurut gw dia sangat shipable. Tp ttp otp nomor 1 wonkyu, nomor 2 krisho (!! Biar udah potek ngeship jalan terooozz !!) (sebenernya ga ada hubungannya sm siwon tp bodo deh), sisanya random berdasarkan mood ><

jd jgn heran kalo username ini suka ngefollow blog fic atau ngasih komen di fic yang selain wonkyu karena ku mengeship siwon dgn banyak org /kecuali si yg di wgm itu/

peace yo!


hello guys! (as if someone is reading this wordpress lol)

starting from today i’m gonna post some of my photos that i already post it on my instagram account but i will post it again in here.

thank you!

Another one…

well okay so maybe some of you wondering what is choixcho mean? /like there will be someone who read my blog lol/

choixcho stands for choi siwon x cho kyuhyun.

“Who the hell choi siwon and cho kyuhyun are?”

Choi siwon and cho kyuhyun are someone who stole my heart since 2011! Yea its been 5 years and counting 😁❤️😘 They are k-pop artist from a boy band called super junior. I like love them individually and i L O V E them together too! Lol. I ship them. Hard.

This is some of their picture 😁




My current obsession 💙

This is justin bieber’s new song from his newest album, purpose. Oh god im in love with this song since the first time i heard it from itunes store! U guys should check his album out too! This album is much better than recovery seriously. So please enjoy this album as much as i am 💖☺️